15 de octubre de 2010|Grupo Volkswagen

  • Group delivers over five million vehicles to customers for first time in first three quarters and records 12.7 percent growth

  • 12.2 percent rise in Volkswagen brand deliveries

  • Group Board Member for Sales Klingler: “We are very satisfied with developments and anticipate another new record for this year.”

    The Volkswagen Group has held its own on the world…s automotive markets in the first nine months of this year and reported another delivery record, handing over a total of 5.37 (January to September 2009: 4.76; +12.7 percent)* million vehicles to customers. In September alone, deliveries rose by 7.9 percent to 663,100 (614,800)**.

    “We are very satisfied with developments. We anticipate the Group will set another new record for full-year deliveries. Even though a positive trend is expected for the automotive industry, we nevertheless remain cautious,” Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler commented. “Volkswagen will carry on rejuvenating its innovative and environmentallyfriendly model range and thus maintain the sales momentum,” Klingler added.

    Group increases deliveries in markets and growth regions

    The Volkswagen Group again achieved high growth on key markets such as China and the USA. Deliveries in the first nine months grew 39.0 percent to 1.48 (1.06) million vehicles in China and to 267,500 (220,600; +21.2 percent) units in the USA. Volkswagen Group deliveries in the Asia Pacific region also increased, rising 39.7 percent.

    Deliveries on the European market were also up on the prior year. The Volkswagen Group delivered 2.50 (2.47; +1.1 percent) million vehicles, a slight increase compared with the period January to September 2009, while the overall market contracted by 2.3 percent.
    Europe…s largest automaker also continued its upward trend in Russia, where the Group delivered 92,300 (72,600, +27.2 percent) vehicles in the first nine months. The Volkswagen Group stayed on its growth path in West European markets as well, with deliveries increasing by 15.5 percent (Western Europe excluding Germany).

    The German automobile market, on the other hand, continued to decline. The marketcontracted by 27.5 percent during the first nine months due to the effects of the scrapping premium. The Volkswagen Group performed better than the market, delivering 770,000 (954,200; -19.3 percent) vehicles to customers.

    All volume brands grow deliveries

    In the first nine months, the Volkswagen brand delivered a total of 3.39 (3.02; +12.2 percent) million units. During this period, the brand continued its rapid growth on the Indian market:
    Deliveries were up more than sevenfold to 16,000 (2,200) units. The brand also reported very pleasing growth on other markets such as China (+33.9 percent), the USA (+20.6 percent) and Russia (+26.2 percent).

    From January to September, Audi delivered approximately 829,300 (705,000; +17.6 percent) vehicles worldwide. In September, the Ingolstadt-based subsidiary benefited from strong growth in China and the USA – and from a strong rise in Germany, where deliveries in September were 16 percent up on the previous year.

    Czech automaker Škoda also remains on its dynamic growth path, delivering 75,800 (69,000) vehicles in September, the highest figure ever for a single month. In the first nine months of this year, Škoda grew worldwide deliveries 12.8 percent to 569,000 (504,600) units.

    The Spanish brand SEAT delivered 259,100 (255,400; +1.4 percent) vehicles worldwide from January to September. During this period, the brand again reported a strong increase on its home market of Spain, with deliveries to customers rising 24.2 percent to 74,500 (60,000) vehicles.

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles grew deliveries 15.9 percent to 310,700 (261,400) units in the first nine months. In South America, deliveries increased by 81.1 percent to 80,500 (44,500) units.

    *) excluding Scania, including Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Trucks and Buses forJanuary/February 2009
    **) excluding Scania

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